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Each of our Practitioners are fully qualified and registered with their own individual association, they are also registered with the individual health funds. Most health funds will provide a rebate for massage under their ‘extras’ table.


Dr Victor Portelli


Dr Victor Portelli has a reputation to be one of the most highly respected Chiropractor and Lecturer in Australia and overseas, he has been in practice for over 35 years, also highly regarded as a lecturer in Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology and the founder of Visceral Biomechanics. He has taught his Clinic Practitioners to a high standard of practice.


He is a very caring person and his passion is to make sure all his patients are well looked after.  He is married with children, loves to travel and spend quality time with his family.

  • Bachelor Appl. Sci. (Human Biology)
  • Bachelor Appl. Sci. (Chiro)
  • Diploma of Acupuncture
  • Diplomate of Applied Kinesiology and Organ Biomechanics

Dr Anthony Papaluca


Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor Chiropractic Science

Dr Anthony has been in practice for over 10 years, practicing in our Clinic since graduating at RMIT University in Melbourne. 


Dr Anthony is very passionate and experienced Chiropractor, he’s also certified in Applied Kinesiology and Visceral Biomechanics, he is very caring with his patients ranging from family care, Paediatric Chiropractic care, sports injury and also pain management.  He strives to achieve the best results with his patients.


Dr Anthony is married with 2 children, enjoys spending quality time and travelling with his family, loves his sports especially AFL, plays golf, and his favourite past time is watching his favourite team Geelong win.


Dr Paul Portelli


Under Construction...


Dr Bojan Peric


Dr. Bojan Peric (aka Dr. Bojangles) completed his Chiropractic degree (Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Chiropractic) in 2010 at RMIT University Melbourne.  However, he was a “health nut” long before then. His primary school friends will tell you he was well known for his “apple a day” for as long as they remember.  


His love of sports fuelled his passion for health. Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton and, his most serious sporting endeavour, Taekwondo, had him seeking to improve performance long before considering a career.  He became multiple Junior National Taekwondo Champion and finished runner-up on his first, but sadly last, attempt as a senior. At this point, education took precedence as he embarked on his chiropractic journey.


After graduating, his thirst for knowledge had him acquire certification in Applied Kinesiology, Visceral Biomechanics and Dry Needling.  He continues to be an avid reader of research.  You can get your weekly dose, if you track his #ResearchSunday posts on Facebook.


Utilising a hands-on and movement based approach, while encouraging good food; good sleep; good sex and good laughs, his focus is helping others exceed their own expectations. 


His personal guarantee is; “If I can’t satisfactorily answer your health question on the day, then I will on your next visit!”


Dr Melissa Misevski



Dr. Melissa’s commitment lies in providing a high quality of chiropractic care for the community by taking a holistic approach, taking into consideration the physical, emotional and chemical components of health. She has always loved helping and working with people reach their health goals, and finds a sense of self-satisfaction in being able to help others enhance their health in the most natural ways possible. She believes that Chiropractic enhances the bodies functions and has the full potential to improve all lives.


She has a strong interest in paediatric care and helping children with conditions like plagiocephaly, crawling/walking delays, emotional stresses to reach their full potential.


Techniques she utilizes include applied kinesiology, visceral biomechanics, cranial and dural balances, and Neuro-emotional technique, accessing neurological imbalances related to physiological stress in adults and children of all ages.


Dr. Melissa loves keeping fit and attending regular yoga classes to stay healthy, in addition to getting adjusted regularly. She graduated from RMIT University in 2015 with a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic, with Distinction.






Our staff are very friendly and take special care of each individual patient’s needs, they look after the patients like family, they give them the time to listen and help them with most circumstances and as a respectable team they have developed a special rapport with each individual team member and especially with patients.


Zeina Maree Portelli

Clinic Manager

Zeina manages both Clinics in East Keilor and Caroline Springs, she loves her work and loves interacting with patients, her passion is to see the team work in harmony and to achieve and strive for the best health results for Patients.


We regard our team more like a family, respect and communication is the key, and that’s what makes our team very special.


Zeina is married with children, she loves travelling, dining, reading, walking, playing with children and meeting new people.


Marian Buxton

Clinic Supervisor

Marian also manages the clinics and has been working with us for the longest time, over 26 years, she is very friendly, loyal, and helpful in all aspects of the Patients and Clinic base.


There’s not a task where Marian wouldn’t try to help and do in the Clinic for our Patients and team.  She is highly regarded with her gentle warm nature, she’s helpful and respectable in every way, she is also devoted to her work and loves meeting new people.


Marian is married with 2 grown up boys, she loves the great outdoors, travelling, walking, family functions and meeting with people.


Our casual staff:  Claire Robinson, Lauren Lemont, Ashlee and Brigitte Portelli are very helpful and skilled with our patients' care they work in our East Keilor and Caroline Springs Clinics.